A Golden Finish

The time has finally come.  Over the last several days we carefully finished rasping, sculpting, and shaping.  Using some 80 grit paper, we rounded past the earlier mistakes and we gave the bass a “complete” feel.  Only three major tasks remained… a) routing the all-important neck, b) drilling the holes for the bridge, pickups, and neck, and c) final sanding. Continue reading

A Beautiful Body

We made tremendous progress this week.  We completed the shaping we needed to do prior to gluing the front and back halves together and then assembled the body.  My recent travel schedule has indeed slowed progress, but on the weekends we try and take a break from homework and lab work to draw designs, carve wood, and imagine the finished bass. Continue reading

Rough Cut

We are slowly making progress.  However Beth is now in Haiti and Paul has a bad case of the flu, so he is sleeping a lot.  He also has a pile of homework because he was mostly sick last week (but went to school, so he could infect others) and got behind.  Continue reading