I think the story is clear.  Imagine a musical instrument and then build it.  This blog is our electronic journal of building ideas into music.

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  1. Wow!!! You probably are not interested, but I think you could host workshops in this. I know I would pay to learn how to build a marimba. Could you buy rosewood? I read that it is endagered. Is that why you didn’t use it? I have so many questions!!

    • Teaching workshops would be a very cool experience. it may be hard to facilitate, but a good idea. But regarding rosewood, while certain varieties are endangered, some even illegal to purchase, the main point that drove us away was the price. It is legal to purchase some varieties, as many marimbas are made from rosewood. However in many places we looked, the price of rosewood was double that of padauk due to its rarity, while most say that the tone is fairly similar between the two. Feel free to ask any more questions! We’d love to answer them!

  2. hello very good’ve been following your project from the beginning, I have many questions for you.

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