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Today we celebrate.  Yesterday we tightened the last bit of chrome on her golden body.  Three months ago our hands drew wide and curvy shapes in the air.  We sketched plans in our pocket journal.  We visited the hardwood store, carefully weighed beams in our hands, stroked curly grains and went home with nothing but splinters — reconnaissance before buying.  Cutting, sanding, gluing, measuring, and imagining brought the amber, purple, and coffee colored planks to life.  Her natural linseed oil finish glows softly.  Paul is proud of his masterpiece.  With this post, the project is complete. Fini! A few more pictures here….

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One thought on “Celebration

  1. Paul,

    Wow, this is a great looking bass guitar. Your Dad & you are persistent.

    Your project is “fait accompli.” It looks like the tuning pins are steel…screw type…rather than wood pins.

    Please record a tune and send it to us sometime.

    Love, Papa & Nana in Florida

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