About Trip

Every year, Paul and I (his dad Pete) embark on an adventure.

It must be difficult. The adventure could push us physically, mentally, or spiritually. Last year Paul and I cycled across Ireland.

This year, we are hiking into thin air, the Julian Alps of Slovenia (former Yugoslavia for your old folks).

While we do not expect to get cell phone coverage in the mountains, we will have with us a SPOT communicator borrowed from Rick Stevens (thanks Rick). It can send OK status messages or an SOS to a satellite that relays the information to email lists or contacts local authorities.

The SPOT page with the latest checkin notifications can be found here.

With some cleaver Perl scripts, I’ve fashioned a way for the SPOT checking messages to appear as Blog posts (hopefully). However, remember that tech is fragile, and we are not. If you don’t see posts from us don’t worry, We are hearty.