A Learning Experience

If a great trip has both adventure and learning, this trip will be a huge success. For adventure, we are headed to the Julian Alps, the bright granite mountains of northern Slovenia. Ok, not kayaking down the headwaters of the Amazon finding food along the way (I’m saving that for a future trip :-), but we intend to revel in the mountain contour lines that Illinois so lacks. For learning, this trip could be a perfect 10, since anything we learn is more than what we know now. Slovenia is just not one of those countries that comes up while discussing how marimbas are constructed or where Exascale supercomputers will be deployed. Sorry Slovenia, we know nothing about you. Oh, years ago you were in Yugoslavia, but honestly, that’s it. We don’t even have a reservation for the first night’s hotel. We land, and the adventure starts… Join the Slovenian alpine club and then head north via bus toward the mountains.

This trip started with a pre-adventure. For the past 2 weeks Paul has been in northern Door County near egg harbor, WI. Beth and I left the house at 7:30am on Saturday to meet Paul and see his concerts. The final performance ended at 10pm, and then we drove through the night back to Naperville. Our trip was made more exciting when at 2:00am I noticed a drunk driver near Chicago on 94E. Braking every few moments and swerving around the lanes I decided to call 911. We don’t know if the troopers intercepted him.

We arrived home at 3:00am and packed up and left for the airport by about 12:00. I’m exhausted, fading in and out as I tap on the iPad. Paul is fast asleep. I promised not to post sleeping pictures, so here is one right before he passed out



A picture of the packing table, a key step in Beckman adventure making.

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3 Responses to A Learning Experience

  1. hannah t says:

    But….paul sleeping pictures are my favorite! Awh, thats okay…

    Anyway, im happy to be following another Beckman-leopardshark.com adventure! You guys are all so entertaining with the intruiging writing to the amazing pictures to the beckman style of travel adventure that I have indeed come to know and love! Since Botswana, I think you’ve blogged for Korea, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, Ghana, and probably others…but Ive loved them all!

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with the world and of course, for being an absolutely wonderful family period! I love all you guys, and Wofa Pete and Paul…have fun in Ireland!

    • Pete says:

      (Paul) We’re having a great time with our crazy Beckman adventuring. Thanks for reading!

  2. hannah t says:

    Oh my goodness….I totally meant Slovenia, not Ireland! Errggh :x

    Can you tell its late here?? Sry…*embarrasment*

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