In Frankfurt

(Paul): It’s been quite a comical start to our journey. The man sitting in the aisle seat of the section in which dad and I were seated was quite a character. A bulky Serbian with nearly incomprehensible English that loved to chat away. I couldn’t understand most of the his talk with dad, but I picked up on references to the state of world affairs, education, and outsourcing. All of this spoken in very few words with much space in between. But the funny part was that he never seemed to stop drinking. Following his first beer at the beginning of the flight, he had two glasses of whiskey before falling asleep. And after he woke up in the morning, the flight attendant came around asking “tea or coffee?” to which our neighbor quickly replied “whiskey.” slightly confused, the flight attendant asked where he was from. After he answered “Serbia” she nodded, smiled, and brought his a glass of whiskey.

The next comical event came as we went through security in Frankfurt. We ran our bags through the x-ray and on the way out, I was pulled aside for a random metal detector search. The normal procedures were done as the agent check my pockets and ran me down with the detector. But before he let me go, he ran the metal detector around my head to make sure I didn’t smuggle anything into the plane in my hair. And I thought my hair was fairly in control today. Anyway, now we are waiting for our flight from Frankfurt to Ljubljana (pronounced lube-yawn-uh). We’ll keep posting our adventures as we arrive in Slovenia with absolutely no plans (thanks dad).

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2 Responses to In Frankfurt

  1. hannah t says:

    This, quite simply, made me laugh out loud terribly. A metal detector??
    And typical sarcasm from Paul, but i know that deeeep inside you love the way your dad rolls around the globe…and i do too! (:

  2. Rena and David says:

    Your hair is awesome! Obviously they think it is cool too and now you know if you ever need a secret hiding place for something small…just use your head.

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