Precious Memories

Judy Kurtzweil: Today was eventful, productive, and full of “precious memories”. The morning started early with watching the entire group of school children in a weekly flag ceremony mandated by Mexican government. It was amazing to see how orderly and respectful 100 kids could be during the half hour production. We enjoyed a tour of the Emmanuel Ministry home and school and were reminded of the various ways that God continuously has blessed this ministry. The stories were uplifting of how many people have been moved to contribute both monetarily and physically. Grouting tiled floors, scraping and whitewashing outer stucco walls, building roof rafters, extending roof lines, updating electrical, and painting beds were just a few of the various activities our group performed around the facility. Even through all this physical labor, many opportunities were taken to love the children. The laughs, listening to them reading stories in Spanish, watching them tie their shoes, chasing bubbles, and applauding their tricks were some of the blessings we received. The hugs, the kisses and glowing smiles are the “precious memories” that will be engraved in some of our hearts for years to come.

One thought on “Precious Memories

  1. Well, it is good to see you are seeing what these young children need and how you are there to help them meet those needs not only in person but in your daily prayer. I am praying for all of you to have a safe and heart moving experieince which you will share and bring home to us.

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