Dust in My Nose

Teegan Fiedler: Today we started our physical work. The main project that I worked on was “Yellow-washing” (think white washing – except yellow) a few of the walls here at the home. There were about 14 people who either scraped the old stuff up (so the paint would stick better) or applied the paint. I was mainly working with Ellen, Kendra and Emily on the court yard wall. We scraped the whole wall clean so it was ready for painting. One of the things that we ran into was the amount of dust that we created was intense! We all have wall dust in our noses now. Pete and Andy did a great job getting the internet working for the home (some of us were going into wwww – worldwidewebwithdrawal). Toward the end of the day we were out playing with the kids and one of the little boys asked me to go down the slide while he followed me down. He liked the way I went down the slide so much that we did it 30 more times! These kids definitely love having us here and need the attention and love we can give them. Here is a shout out to my sister Hannah: Happy Birthday Hannah – we all sung happy birthday and had brownies for you! (well ok….Dave was the only one who sung, but everyone did eat brownies for you!)

We are having a great time down here!

2 thoughts on “Dust in My Nose

  1. Thanks for the Birthday wish for Hannah–she sends her thanks and wishes she had a brownie. We are praying for you.

  2. Hey Teegan!! We did lots of that yellow/white washing last week too… there’s nothing quite like blowing your nose and seeing vibrant yellow specks in the tissue.

    Please give a big hello to everyone in the Naperville group, but particularly the ones who I actually know!

    God bless!

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