Meeting the Children

Kim Kurtzweil, Kelly Jozwiak, Tyler Hills: The flight was great! Crossing the border was a lot less exciting than we thought it would be. We didn’t have to get out of the bus, not as many military as we expected. When we got to Emmanuel Ministries the little boys immediately started helping us unload the luggage and they were all so excited to see us! As we pulled into Emmanuel Mnistries all the kids came running and were such great helps with unloading all of our luggage.

After we were all unloaded and had our short meeting with the Emmanuel staff, we headed back to the play area to play with the kids. All the kids had so much energy we all thought they would never go to bed. We were playing jump rope, soccer,and basketball for three hours.

All of the kids had way too much energy for that late at night. Apparently they all have more than one name, since every time you asked them, it was different! Their curfew was ten at night so we played with then until the very last second, and we were exhausted! Because of the time changes, it was ten o’clock here, but it was twelve ‘clock in our minds. Everyone slept quite well and woke up at 6:00 so now were sitting here in the kitchen waiting for breakfast and the town to come alive for Sunday morning church….

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  1. Very cold, an inch of snow, wish I were in Mexico. I am so envious of the work that you will be getting to do this next week. The picture of Megan and her new friend keeps me warm in spite of the weather. I pray for you continually.

  2. Hi all.

    I am a friend of Pastor Dave, Teegan, and the Wightman’s. I just returned from Juarez with our church (The Orchard EFC). I miss Emmanuel already and am glad that you have already experienced all the love this home has. You have many wonderful memories ahead of you and I will pray for your team. I am hoping to speak with Dave after the trip and for our two groups to get together to share. In the meantime, simply enjoy and love the children (and do NOT drink the water! :)).

    Lori Henkels

  3. it was a great day at 180 this morning despite the snow. Everyone worked really hard on questions from Ephesians, they are looking for to 20 questions next Sunday. Students prayed for you today!


  4. Hello from snowy Arlington Heights. Our family was out there last week and absolutely fell in love with the kids and staff. We are confident that you will have the same (if not better) experience as God works through your group. Look for a great week.

    We are also putting together a video of our visit last week. There was a very catchy song that was played at the worship service and throughout the week. When I first heard it, it sounded like “California, California,” but obviously, it was something different (we think it may have been …Gloria). If someone has heard it and could pass along the name, I would really appreciate it and can add it to the soundtrack for our video.

    We are looking forward to more postings!!

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