Safe at Emmanuel Ministries

We have arrived safely. There is a stark difference between the two sides of the border. As we drove down dry aquaducts soldiers on trucks patrolled the streets. At the gates of the children’s home we were greeted by dozens of smiling, jumping, running kids. The are asking our names, sharing theirs, and trying out their English. The team is tired, but the kids faces have brought energy and excitement to all. I can tell it will be a fantastic week.

4 thoughts on “Safe at Emmanuel Ministries

  1. Glad to hear that you are all there safe and sound. God is so good to protect you in your travels and to give you all renewed energy for your week ahead. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for each of you. Blessings and prayers…Lynn


    John & Kendra,

    Glad to see that you arrived safely. May you have a wonderful week on your mission trip.

    your brother & uncle,

    Thomas Benner
    The Art Institute of Austin

  3. Hello Everyone!

    I was soooo glad to see/hear that you got into Emmanuel safely. During announcements this morning for the Senior high Sunday school class at EFCN I got to share that you arrived safely there, and how they could contact/check in on you. Asked them to keep you in their prayers, too!

    PS – There has been funny little white things falling from the sky…I believe that it is called snow. Please send sunshine our way!

    In Him,

  4. It is great to see that you all made it there safely. We were praying that your travel went was smooth crossing the border.
    Don’t worry, you are not missing much here as it SNOWED today. And not just a little either.
    Keep up the hard work and we can’t wait to read more on the website.
    Keep us posted on how we can pray for you.
    Love you all,

    Sean and Alice

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