Putting them to Bed

Sarah Robertson: I don’t even know where to begin with the experience I just had! Gale W., Tyler H., Jason, Paul and I had the “interesting” opportunity of putting the youngest boys to bed tonight. I was excited, because I honestly thought I’d just be reading a story and saying good night. Wow, I was way off!! We walked into the room, and Monica, the dorm mom, was already busy getting the boys ready for showers. She looked at us and without hesitation said, “Get all the boys undressed and throw them in the shower.” Ok, what?! Where’s the soap? How do you say shampoo in Spanish? Why is there a boy standing on top of a toilet? Sweaty socks, underwear, shirts and pants were EVERYWHERE, along with popsicle and pee spills. (Yes, one of the boys somehow peed on the floor.) At this point, we were beginning to understand why they start putting the boys to bed at 6:30!

All laughs and disgusting sights aside, the experience really taught me a lot. First of all, I don’t think I ever want to have a son. (Just kidding.) But really, I don’t think I truly understood the life of an orphan at Emmanuel until tonight. Usually it’s all fun and games and laughing, but I saw a different side tonight. I saw boys shivering after a shower because they had to wait for an already used towel, boys crying because they couldn’t find their pajamas, and some who just looked like they needed a great big hug. After spending over an hour getting them all ready for bed, Monica said a prayer which they all repeated. They prayed for the orphanage, the city, and the people who are hurting in the area. They also thanked God for bringing us, their new friends, to share God’s love. The prayer brought me to tears because it just seemed so sincere.

As we left the dorm, Gale and I discussed how sad it is that they’re just put to bed, no hugs, no kisses, no getting tucked in by Mommy or Daddy. We wanted to go back and give them each individual attention! Please pray that God meets their needs in every and any way possible. Please pray for the dorm moms (Monica works 7am-10:15pm every single day) to have the strength and patience to keep up with the kids. I’ll never forget this night!

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  1. Sarah and all….wow, what an amazing night you all had! Thank you for sharing your heart with those boys and know that we are praying for all of you and now the dorm moms (and staff) of Emmanuel as well. Your posting brought me to tears and feelings of gratitude for all that we have been given. For the next week, you all are entrusted with the lives of these precious children – thank you for being willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

  2. Hi Sarah! And I thought my day was difficult…what an experience for all of you. God is doing amazing work through the team. I’m so thankful you were obedient to God’s call! We love you & send hugs to you & all those little boys!!! Do you think I never cleaned up pee?!? Just kidding…Love, Mom

  3. So wish I could be there to give each of those boys a hug. I am praying for you all
    Gale, I tried to send you a message but there was no where to press send so I hope you got it. We will continue to uphold you to the Lord that He will really use you this week.

    Donna Jacobs

  4. Sarah and all serving,

    Your post made me cry. I take care of children for a living, but the ones I work with have always had more than we really need. Monica and the other people that daily take care of these children deserve sooo much respect.
    My prayers go out to everyone with new “insight.” May you each be touched my someone/something there this week that truely changes your lives and, therefore, continually impacts the world for Christ. Thank you for serving!

    Love in Christ,
    Delaine 🙂

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