Preparing for Fun

Pete Beckman:  Wow.  We are only about 24 hrs away from the start of the trip.  Of course the real beginning for us started a couple months ago, when we heard EFCN was planning a trip down to Mexico to help at the school and children’s home of Emmanuel Ministries.  For our family (The Beckmans) it began with a series of dinner conversations with phrases such as “wouldn’t it be great if…” and “I’m sure we could help…”.  After several discussions, our kids (Paul and Emily) endured the “It’s time for a family decision” moment.  Yes, it was a bit like an old Brady Bunch episode, except we concluded our family meeting with a prayer.

So, here we are, scurrying around the house trying to get ready.  My wife Beth volunteered to organize a Wacky Olympics evening at the children’s home.  I’m not sure who suggested the adjective “Wacky”, but I think it originated from one of the adult team members who feared that in any real sporting event our participation would be unfair — not because of our skills, but because the 100+ kids would be laughing too hard to complete their events.  So we settled on games like the Javelin bendy-straw throw, so our soccer playing skills will remain un-photographed.

Olympic Supplies

Olympic Supplies

Anyway, for the last several weeks she has been asking fellow team members for goofy games, browsing the web, and buying fun game supplies at the discount stores.  It has been years since she has had the chance to shop for sidewalk chalk.  We plan on giving each of the kids a medal pinned to the end of a yellow ribbon.  Sadly, Naperville is now nearly ribbonless.  Beth bought out all the yellow and gold ribbon at 5 different stores, including Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabrics yesterday.  My contribution?  I intend to be wacky.  I have no doubt pictures will follow.

Oh, this blog?  How does it work?  While we are on the trip, we plan to write a couple posts each day, to let friends and family know what’s up.  So turn your browsers here and please feel free to post comments.  As we have time, we will read comments to the entire group (about 30 of us) and respond.  For the tech savvy, you can subscribe to this RSS feed (that means you will be automatically notified of any new posts to the blog).  To do that, click the little orange icon in the top right corner of this page.  Or, just check back to this page once or twice a day for updates.

If you have any fun game ideas, please post them in the comments section!  I plan on teaching the kids Poppity Pop Pop — A game that works in every language, and with every age.  It’s easier to describe with a video, so stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Fun

  1. We join you in your excitement, especially since we will be able to follow all of you on this fantastic trip to Juarez. All of you have been on our prayer list for some time and even though we visit EFN for several weeks during the summer, we feel as though we are part of that family. After all, when we are Members of God’s Family, we are members of the same family. There are four members of your group that are special to us, as they have the same last name! We are known as “Oma and Opa” to Emily and Paul.
    We are eager to see the pictures of the “wacky” olympics and some of the other activities you will be involved with. God loves for His children (that includes the “grown-up” children) to have fun and to enjoy each other as we serve together. Did He not create us with Laughter and a sense of humor?
    Our prayers will continue during the days you are in Mexico and we know that God will keep you safe and will bless the service each of you will provide.
    Blessings to all,
    Wolf and Hilda Beckman

  2. Hi Beth!

    Lynn wanted me to post to you about game ideas. One of them is a short jump instead of the long jump. Another is water balloons.
    Another request is photos of Poppity Pop Pop! We were wondering if that was Spanish for avoiding soccer? 🙂

    In Him,

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